Not Then But Now

“Colors of Pitanga” by Leo.dower via Wikimedia Commons

Hello, Poetry Friday. Here’s a small offering I saw on Twitter this week that seemed more poem than tweet to me. Just twelve words.

“Not then but now.

Not there but here.

Not that but this.”

(Tweeted by Everyday Mindfulness – @mindfuleveryday)

Poetry Friday is hosted by Jone at Check It Out today. She has lots of wonderful links over there.

Poem Movie Beauty

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Catherine M. Johnson. Visit her site to find many poetry links for the week.

Thank you to Carol at Carol’s Corner for explaining Poetry Friday to me. She shared this post by Tabatha Yeatts with me. It’s a great introduction to Poetry Friday, if you’re wondering how it works, too.

My contribution this week is a link to something small but wonderful. While thinking about the Poem Movie Challenge on Michelle Heidenrich Barnes’ blog, I came across this version of Claude McKay’s poem, THE TROPICS IN NEW YORK, on The Poetry Foundation’s site. The animation is gorgeous, and Ziggy Marley’s reading is unforgettable. I hope you’ll like it, too.Mackey

Claude McKay, Wikimedia Commons