Poetry Friday: Mix and Match

Hello, Poetry Friday. More links over at Linda’s Write Time blog!


Mix and Match

The cat says high.

The dog says low.

The cat says stop.

The dog says go.

The cat says scritch.

The dog says scratch.

My pets just mix –

they never match.

Monica Gudlewski 2014, All Rights Reserved.

Illustration via Wikimedia Commons. Illustrator Unknown.

24 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Mix and Match”

      1. Sorry about the loss of your kitty – we recently lost one of our old doggies. He was the most kitty-antagonistic, but I still don’t really trust them all around each other. ;0) We’ve had others over the years that were fine together – they are all so different!

      2. Sorry about your pup, too, Robyn. Our cat was nineteen and sometimes I still think I see him out of the corner of my eye :)

  1. I especially like the ending too. You picked a good illustration to go with it. One of our kitties passed away Thursday and I am a bit shell-shocked. Sigh.

      1. Hi Michelle. I’ve been discovering lots of interesting blogs through Poetry Friday, and decided my blog title was too similar to several other blogs out there. Thanks for your comments on the poem. I’m still thinking about this month’s challenge on Today’s Little Ditty…

  2. What fun! Love the pairing with picture as well… I don’t think I will ever get tired of pet poems (says the gal with a new puppy!). Thank you for sharing!

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