Poetry Friday: Book Spine Haiku

Poetry Friday time! There are all kinds of wonderful links at Tabatha Yeatts’ blog, The Opposite of Indifference. Go visit and see.

Does anyone else love playing with book spine poetry? My last one was a jump rope rhyme, so today is a change of pace.


Island in the sun –
the little red fish
by water’s edge.

From: ISLAND IN THE SUN by Harry Belafonte and Lord Burgess with Illustrations by Alex Ayliffe; THE LITTLE RED FISH by Taeeun Yoo; BY WATER’S EDGE by Kay Barone.

18 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Book Spine Haiku”

  1. A tribute to your book spine haiku project:
    Fifty Shades of Grey?
    Much Ado About Nothing
    OR As You Like It
    Thank you for stopping to read my contribution, and thank you again for hosting!

  2. I’ve never done a book spine poem. Maybe a short haiku could get me used to the concepts. Usually what happens when I get near a book shelf is 1. dusting is required. 2. I get distracted by reading. :-) Nice job, Monica!

    1. Keri, I usually play around with book spine poems at the library, so #1 isn’t a problem, and #2 is part of the fun. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Loved your post yesterday.

  3. Impressive book spine haiku. I think this poem rises above the exercise. The metaphor of the fish as an island makes a lovely haiku.

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